• Name: Alfred Fejzo

  • Vehicle:  Land Rover  Discovery 1 200 Tdi
  • Offroad Experience: Since 2007
  • Profession:  Local Guide in Albania, Greece, & North Macedonia.
  • Knowledge:  Offroad Pilote & Vehicle Mechanic
  • Foreign Lang:   English, Italian, Greek, Spanish. (Fluent at all)
  • My Moto: I drive Off-road to  explore the Beauties  of  our Mother Nature. What About YOU..

Albania Off-Road Adventures

Albania Off-road Adventures was created in 2013 by Alfred Fejzo. 

The Idea to create an Off-road Company was based on the long experience driving off-road around my Country almost everywhere and especially off-road tracks were always the preferred ones. Step by step the Company developed the activities in a Professional category and at the same time is still having the best Off-road tracks in Albania, Greece and North Makedonia. We re Proud for what we do because being a local guide means knowing my place in detail and in-depth. 

Albania Offroad Adventure is dedicated only to off-road tours and is our obligation to offer the best for our honorable Customers.

🧡Visit Albania,   

🧡Visit the Land of the Eagles   

🌏Explore the Wilde Nature,   

🚘Drive where the GPS says ”NO ROAD” but there is always an unknown track.   

😎 Don’t miss the Albanin Riviera.   

👉Learn the History of the Country with 45 Years under the dictator Enver Hoxha..! And much more.


Albania Offroad Adventures Welcomes You.