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Thank you for visiting our Beautiful Albania and Congratulations on deciding to travel with us in the Land of the Eagles. We are proud to be part of your Adventure and leading you in the must beautiful Trails of Albania, Greece, and North Makedonia. Albania Offroad Adventures is a Local Offroad Tour Company based in Gramsh Albania South Est. Our Company was established in 2013. The objective was and still is to organize for Customers the best Tour possible thanks to our long experience on Driving offroad almost everywhere and knowing every single detail about offroad organizing Tours. The trails are really something that
maybe you have never seen before, Here you can have the possibility to drive in the Roads made for the World War 2 and these roads are still alive and in service for a lot of villages lost and so far from the Cities. We are specialized for various types of tours and organizing tours with small and big groups, offroad private tours, offroad in a maximum group of 10 participants, one day safari, holiday and offroad tour, cultural and archeologic tours of Albania, During our Journey we will visit the old Cities like: Gjirokaster and the famous Caste of Argjiro. Berat city, 2200 years old and it is known as the City of 1001 windows. Castle Rozafa in Shkodra. Butrint National Park. Apollonia Archeologic Park. Osum Canyons. Old Bridges and many more attractions. Our tours are very well designed and customized for the
needs of all our customers to make possible a journey with high performance and organized in a perfect way, the open fire and Grill makes the difference during our Camping in the mountains. Also, the traditional Albanian cuisine with pure Bio Foods with also a glass of the typical Albanian drink called Raki will make your meal very special. We think that Albania is a type of place that you would like to visit again and again. The only reason is that Albania has a rich and old history, and it also has a very broken and craggy geographical map.
Religious coexistence in Albania is prominent in the world because we have four different religions and we all live together in harmony.

See you in Albania..!



05 - 14 JAN 2021 Book now.

Snow Challange Tour.

20 - 29 JAN 2021 Book now.

Snow Challange Tour.

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05 - 14 FEB 2021 Book now.

4X4 And VALETINE Day ❤❤

19 - 28 FEB 2021 Book now.

Goodbye Winter.

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MARCH 2021

05 - 14 MAR 2021 Book now.

Skanderbeg Mountains Exploring.

19 - 28 MAR 2021 Book now.

Central Albania Adventure.

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APRIL 2021

05 - 14 APR 2021 Book now.

Central Mountain Range.

19 - 28 APR 2021 Book now.

The Balkan Peaks.

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MAY 2021

08 -17 May 2021 Book Now

Central Mountain Range.

21- 30 May 2021 Book Now

Great Malsia.

Be part of the group for 21 - 30 of May.
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JUNE 2021

05 - 14 JUNE 2021 Book now.

Pindos Greece & South Albania.

19 - 28 JUNE 2021 Book now.

Greece - Albania - North Macedonia.

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JULY 2021

12 - 21 July Book Now

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19 - 28 July

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Offroad and Holiday Tour.

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03 - 13 Aug

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Epirus, Pindos Greece and Albania.

19 - 25 Aug Booked Up

-Private Tour-

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13 - 22 Sept Reserved

Hotel and Camp Tour.


Booked Up

Hotel and Camp Tour.

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2 places left for 13 - 22 September..!
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09 - 18 Oct Book now.

Valamara Panorame.

24/10 - 04/11 Book now.

Autumn Colors.

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08 - 17 Nov Book now.

Rain & Mud.

21 - 30 Nov Book now.

Welcome Winter.

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DEC-JAN 20 - 21

28.12.20 - 03.01.21 Book now.


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-some impressions-

The new day starts with new emotions..! Lakes, Rivers, very old Roads, Landscapes. We lead you to the most Pure and Wild Nature.

During Our tour, you have the possibility to explore the Beauties of Pindos and Peloponnese. 

Far from the City’s, Far from the Traffic.! here we can have the possibility to visit the Prespa and Ohrid Lakes.

Customers reviews

Forget the tour organizers from abroad, forget the road books, forget the routes you find on Internet. Go for the real thing, a local guide who knows the area in depth, and who will solve the potential problems. In Albania, go for Alfred Fejzo from Albania Offroad Adventures.
Luc Jacqmin
Belgium Oct 2017
Amazing one..! You organized a great Tour for us..! We didn't expect to have such nice time in South Albania from Palase to Ksamil. Thank you Alfred for the amazing weekend.
Marsel Zeneli
Albania July 2018
I can only recommend this guy. Perfect guide. Great country, safe tour but still very adventurous. The one week offroad in Albania for us was great.. Couldn‘t ask for more!
Hey, die Autos kommen mir irgendwie bekannt vor.🤔 Das zweite Auto von links sieht aus wie meins und das Armeezelt auch...🤔 Cool, schön war es in Albanien.☺️👍🏼 The best Trip in my whole life.👍🏼 Thank you Alfred Fejzo
Michael Röder
Germany Jul 2019
L' Albania è un paese meraviglioso e grazie a aoa4x4exp.com con Fredy l'abbiamo potuto scoprire in tutta la sua bellezza naturale e selvaggia con le nostre 4x4. Bellissimo tour, bellissima gente, ottimo cibo, organizzazione perfetta. Grande Fredy. Da provare sicuramente. Romano, maggio 2019
Romano Zama
Italy May 2019

Emergence call inside Albania
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Police Station.

Call: 129 or 126
Call the Police for help in case of any problem during your journey.

Firefighters Station:

CALL: 128
In case of fire.
in case if you need special tools in a difficult situation.


CALL: 127
For any Health issue and enjury that can make your ability impossible.

Air Evacuation:

CALL: +355693087714

We arrange the fastest way to evacuate you in case of grave injury.
GPS Coordinates are required to locate your position.

Offroad Car Rescue:

CALL:  +355693087714
24H In Service to rescue cars with serious mechanical problems.
GPS Coordinates are required to locate your position.


Spare Parts & Tyres:

CALL:  +355693087714
24H In-Service for your needs inside Albania. GPS Coordinates are required to locate your position.